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ATris Stahlgruber 2018 Multilanguage
Better response on post ATris Stahlgruber 2018 Multilanguage[b]ATris Stahlgruber 1.2018 Multilanguage:[/b]

[b][url=]ATRIS Stahlgruber[/url] Instruction Full [01.2018]

Size: [color=#ff3333]34.6Gb[/color]
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish
Region: Europe
Win: WinXP, Vista, Windows7
Year: 01.2018
Version : 3.17
Developer : DVSE GmbH Developer
Medicine : not required Description
High Speed Link: Bittorent & Google Drive


Note: See in the photo to see installation

- Run "atris.Reg" first and click "OK"
- Insert DVD01 and run set up untill finish
Customer No: 900258
- Insert DVD02 when it asks
- Insert DVD03 when it asks
- Insert DVD04 when it asks
- Insert DVD05 when it asks
- Done and run

The catalogue ATRIS of a German warehouse of spare parts c the prices and translation of numbers Stahlgruber - Original and on the contrary. Analogue of program TecDoc. In the catalogue spare parts and accessories of all not original firms of Europe are submitted.

In the program ATRis Stahlgruber the information on spare parts automobile and lorries is submitted. The data on automobile machines, since 60th years, on cargo with 80. Since 2002 the program is executed in environment TCD and with use of data TCD, except for the information on spare parts in the program the information on hours, refueling capacities, intervals of service, adjusting labels of belts ??? and identification tablets is integrated. The given program contains cross-refference and numbers of warehouse

[b]STAHLGRUBER, CD, Stahlgruber, in all the rest full analogy TCD is able to be integrated automatically with already established programs WorkShop. There is a search under original number, under number Stahlgruber, it is possible to look the list of applicability of a detail, to choose the automobile on the engine, to include a filtration on mark or the manufacturer as contains illustrations and photos of many details. The program ATRis Stahlgruber catalogue is delivered on one DVD, can be established in several variants, from minimal up to maximal. The program has no restrictions on an operating time and at present is the best alternative to program TECDOC.[/b]

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You can also download on Google Drive
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Can I download to Google Drive
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