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RB4-RB8 Crypto Tools
Better response on post RB4-RB8 Crypto ToolsRB4-RB8 Crypto Tools is a software which performs with special procedures
on crypted and non-crypted 24c08 eeprom dumps from Bosch instrument clusters which were equipped at some Audi, Seat, VW and Lamborghini models. At the moment Audi A4 8E B6 B7 (2000-2008), Audi A4 8H B6 B7 (2002-2009), Seat Exeo 3R (2009-), VW Touareg 7L (2002-2010) and Lamborghini Gallardo (2003-2008) dashboards are supported. This application covers almost all part numbers but in some cases it could be, that a specific dashboard

[Image: listing_1.png]dashboard type

Bosch RB4/RB8 with 24c08 eeprom found in Audi A4 8E B6 + B7.

Bosch RB4/RB8 with 24c08 eeprom found in Audi A4 8H B6 + B7.

Bosch RB4/RB8 with 24c08 eeprom found in Seat Exeo 3R.

Bosch RB4/RB8 with 24c08 eeprom found in VW Touareg 7L

400-920-xxx *** NEW & HOT ***
Bosch RB4/RB8 with 24c08 eeprom found in Lamborghini Gallardo
[Image: listing_2.png]Operation

Calculate Login (SKC)
Special procedure to calculate the so called secret key code out of a crypted and non-crypted eeprom dumps.

Virginize Dashboard (Factory New)
Special procedure to virginize your dashboard to Factory New (Delivery Condition of New Instrument Cluster).

Change Mileage
Special procedure to read and change the mileage of your dashboard in +/- 1 mileage step.

Clear DEF Error
Special NEC mcu scanning procedure to repair crypted eeprom dumps with DEF Error.

Speedometer kph/mph Conversion

Special procedure to convert the scaling of kph/mph respectively km/h and mi/h in the speedometer.

Rev Counter Scaling *** NEW & HOT ***
Special procedure to change the scaling (Gas/Diesel rev count) of the rev counter.

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